Cleverian Sharks

Cleverian Must I Shine x Gortier Glowing Attractiond.o.b. 13.05.20192 black males, 2 black females and 1 white female CLIK HERE FOR FULL PEDIGREE Cleverian Oceanic WhitetipBlack male Cleverian Shortfin MakoBlack male Cleverian Great WhiteWhite female Cleverian HammerheadBlack female Cleverian Sand TigerBlack female

Cleverian James Bond and his girls

Joiner´s Quality Ulme Ulrike x Lapponias Loitsud.o.b. 06.10.20121 white male and 7 white females CLIK HERE FOR FULL PEDIGREE Cleverian James BondWhite male Cleverian Electra KingWhite femaleres-CC Cleverian Eve MoneypennyWhite femaleHips A/A, elbows 0/0, back clear, knees 0/0 Cleverian Jenny FlexWhite female Cleverian Miss CarusoWhite femaleHips B/A, elbows 0/0, kees 0/0Affected with Addisson´s disease Cleverian Ruby […]

Must I

Joiner´s Quality Ulme Ulrike x Dawin Rosebar Playing To The Crowdd.o.b. 30.10.20134 black males and 2 black females CLIK HERE FOR FULL PEDIGREE Cleverian Must I PerformBlack male Cleverian Must I BehaveBlack male Cleverian Must I ConvertBlack male Cleverian Must I RockBlack male Cleverian Must I ShineBlack female Hips A/A, eyes clear (2019)FI CH Cleverian […]