08.12.2019 Helsinki Int.

Joiner´s Quality Koto Karkki – VG”9 months old elegant female. Very fine body. Exelent head, eyes and ears. She needs stronger underjaw to ??. She needs chest to develop. Elegant side movement. She had many nice qualities but lacs bit body and maturity. Nice coat & color. Very happy temperament. Well presented.” Bjorgvinsdottir Thordis Bjorg, […]

18.06.2016 RAISIO GROUP

Apricot puppies first time out… Cleverian Prunus Salicina, owner Joanna Soinio – HP BOB-puppy ”7 months old, very nice type, well set neck, exc. shoulders, a bit open in front angles, well developed chest, exc. topline, exc. tailset, moves really well.” Oliver Simon, Kroatia