My name is Elli Toivonen and i am the person behind prefix Cleverian. I was born in Salo at year 1988 and the first dog came to our family when i was three years old. That dog was german shepherd Ronda (Futuras Ronda 14.4.1991-21.4.2005). She teached me how to live with dogs, she was my ”big sister”. She were very loved by the whole family, she passed away at the age of 14.

At 2002 i did get my first dog Nuuti (22.2.2000-21.5.2008). He was a streetdog at Estonia but came to us through Pelastetaan Koirat ry. He was somekind of a mix of german shepherd and other intresting breeds 😀

My first poodle Arska (Joiner´s Quality Afina Arnold) came to me at the end of year 2004, and thats when i started to take an interest in dog shows. Arska has teached me lots of poodle attitude and its not allways so easy. But i fell in love. At 2010 i got my prefix Cleverian and the first puppies were born. As a breeder i do my best that you can enjoy the lovely personality and outstanding appearance of a POODLE.

I live in Muurla with my husband and two kids (born in -10 & -12). Our dogs live with us as a familymembers.