Cleverian James Bond and his girls

Joiner´s Quality Ulme Ulrike x Lapponias Loitsud.o.b. 06.10.20121 white male and 7 white females CLIK HERE FOR FULL PEDIGREE Cleverian James BondWhite male Cleverian Electra KingWhite femaleres-CC Cleverian Eve MoneypennyWhite femaleHips A/A, elbows 0/0, back clear, knees 0/0 Cleverian Jenny FlexWhite female Cleverian Miss CarusoWhite femaleHips B/A, elbows 0/0, kees 0/0Affected with Addisson´s disease Cleverian Ruby […]

18.06.2016 RAISIO GROUP

Apricot puppies first time out… Cleverian Prunus Salicina, owner Joanna Soinio – HP BOB-puppy ”7 months old, very nice type, well set neck, exc. shoulders, a bit open in front angles, well developed chest, exc. topline, exc. tailset, moves really well.” Oliver Simon, Kroatia

Must I

Joiner´s Quality Ulme Ulrike x Dawin Rosebar Playing To The Crowdd.o.b. 30.10.20134 black males and 2 black females CLIK HERE FOR FULL PEDIGREE Cleverian Must I PerformBlack male Cleverian Must I BehaveBlack male Cleverian Must I ConvertBlack male Cleverian Must I RockBlack male Cleverian Must I ShineBlack female Hips A/A, eyes clear (2019)FI CH Cleverian […]