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Joiner´s Quality Ulme Ulrike x Joiner´s Quality Zahana Zodion

Born 1.11.2015, 4 apricot males and 3 apricot females




Joiner´s Quality Zahana Zodion Taladayga The Etertainer Afterglow Jamaica Cazy Labamba Leroy
Magin Don´t Eat The Daisies At The Afterglow
Shanpave Carat Gold Joiner´s Quality Merbau Midas
More Sunshine At Shanpave
Joiner´s Quality Meranti Minty Foster´s Chip Momabo´s Joyau-Yves
Foster´s Sweet Kiss
Joiner´s Quality Yemeri Yolanda Alias Just Give Me That Wink
Joiner´s Quality Narra Neea
Joiner´s Quality Ulme Ulrike Marechal Family Ties Picardy Mymarechal Lake Cove´s Thats My Boy
Lake Cove´s All American Girl
Voila Maple Syrup Alias Just Give Me That Wink
Viola Volante
Scarpebox Donna Arancione Escorts Vandal Le Noir Momabo´s Pumbaa
Del Zarzoso Piconera
Racketeer Touched By A Sinner Racketeer Equisit Sinner
Härbhovi´s Hell Cat

Cleverian Prunus Avium

Apricot male


Cleverian Prunus Grayana

Apricot male


Cleverian Prunus Cerasus
Apricot male


Cleverian Prunus Virens

Apricot male


Cleverian Prunus Armeniaca

Apricot female


Cleverian Prunus Salicina

Apricot female


Cleverian Prunus Cerasifera

Apricot female