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Piikin pääPiikki liikkuu

White standard female 06102012


1x BOS 1x BOB-puppy

full dentall


Piikki is from Cleverian James Bond -litter


Lapponia´s Loitsu x Joiner´s Quality Ulme Ulrike



Lapponia´s Loitsu Party-Line´s White Cream Degana Cash Up Front Wink´s Love Me For The Money
Degana Barbican Anything Goes
Topscore Dirty Detail Torpaz It´ll Be All White
Kenzo Stricktly Ballroom
Party-Line´s Keep My Style Brighton Keepsake Lake Cove Grabbing The Spotlight
Brighton Three Wishes
Huffish Funky Pretty Torpaz It´ll Be All White
Huffish Honkey Tonk Woman
Joiner´s Quality Ulme Ulrike Marechal Family Ties Picardy Mymarechal Lake Cove´s Thats My Boy
Lake Cove´s All American Girl
Voila Maple Syrup Alias Just Give Me That Wink
Viola Volante
Scarpebox Donna Arancione Escorts Vandal Le Noir Momabo´s Pumbaa
Del Zarzoso Piconera
Racketeer Touched By A Sinner Racketeer Equisit Sinner
Härbhovi´s Hell Cat

Piikki ROP-pentu